Fit At 50 Plus – Baby Boomers and Aging

| Dr. Eva Norman

Baby boomers no longer accept pain, chronic health issues, and living a motionless life as part of aging. Today’s baby boomers, those 50+, are finding that fit is it and Minneapolis, MN has proven that they are among the top fit at 50+ baby boomers around!

There are many factors that play a part in how well you age. One of the biggest factors is of course, whether or not you choose to age actively. You can read my recent blog on active aging to understand more about this term; but, basically said this term simply means remaining or becoming active and moving as you grow older. It’s a matter of choosing to be fit. However, there is a downside to this “active aging” and fit approach in life too.

baby boomersThe good news is that according to a study presented by the American Physical Therapy Association 7 out of 10 people 50 and over are considered physically active. Even better news is that Minneapolis, MN is the 2nd healthiest city of baby boomers in the United States. Live Your Life Physical Therapy can help you age actively and help keep Minneapolis in the number two spot as we strive to become the number one Fit After 50 metropolis! Why do you need the assistance of Live Your Life Physical Therapy to get fit? Unfortunately, with every bit of good news there tends to be some bad that comes with it.

The bad news is that 2.5 million of those active baby boomers end up in Emergency Rooms due to over exercising. However, a physical therapist can provide professional guidance to prevent injury and ensure your safety while aging actively and becoming fit. Live Your Life Physical Therapy can help avoid common injuries such as meniscus tears, broken bones, sprains, strains, and chronic back pain. The people in the Twin Cities area have a cutting edge physical therapy practice that can not only provide this professional guidance but also specializes in senior fitness. Not only that, we can actually come to your home, or place of choice, at your convenience. We bring physical therapy to you!

What do we offer to help you become one of the fit baby boomers in Minnesota?

  • Live Your Life SENIOR FITNESS – Our Senior Fitness program begins with an assessment of your overall fitness level. Once we’ve determined your needs and fitness level we design your very own, specialized program that includes exercise instruction, progression, and lifestyle adjustments. We will routinely monitor your progress and adjust your senior fitness program as needed. All of this happens under the personal monitoring and help of one of our highly skilled, experienced, licensed physical therapists.
  • Live Your Life SENIORCISING – Our “Seniorcising” program works hard to help reverse the effects of aging by offering a tailored evidence-based program for your particular group. Our classes can work on various effects of aging that you may be concerned with; including heart health, balance & falling, improving posture, and more. Take a look at the many Live Your Life group exercise classes we teach or train and see if we can’t help your group (church groups, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior day care centers, etc.) members by assisting them to get stronger and healthier.
  • Live Your Life DRIVING SAFELY – Our Drive Safe program will assess you for any problems that could affect your driving. We will also address those issues in order to make you a safe driver. We conduct assessments on gait, vision, motor function, cognition, and more. Each area we assess is extremely important to the overall performance of any driver. If we find any area of concern we will help you condition, strengthen and overcome those problems in order to help you become a safer driver. Driving is a highly valued attribute in quality of life and can make a big difference in the overall health of anyone, but especially seniors.

These are a few of the ways we can help the baby boomers of our area continue to remain at the top of the list of healthiest baby boomer cities in the United States. It’s important to us that we contribute to creating the healthiest group of 50+ citizens of our country and we want the baby boomers of Minnesota to know that we can help them obtain the quality of health they want and deserve. Our goal is to see our area as the number one city next year and you can help us reach that goal! Make the decision to Live Your Life as a Healthy Baby Boomer and age actively.

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