Let Us Help You With Your New Years Resolution

| Dr. Eva Norman

New Year's ResolutionsSo the new year is here and we all know that one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions made is to be healthier this year; whether it’s by eating healthier or getting more exercise everyone wants to be healthier this year. Let Live Your Life Physical Therapy help you with making 2014 a healthier year for you.

These wintery conditions, especially these frigid temps we have been seeing, can easily make you a couch potato. There’s nothing worse for your health than being stuck inside, doing nothing. Here comes the best part…with Live Your Life Physical Therapy we can come to you at your preferred location and bring wellness, rehabilitative and preventive type of physical therapy services. Our highly skilled physical therapists can actually provide a wellness assessment, analyzing your movements to determine if you have any weaknesses or imbalances that could be causing you health issues, pains, or putting you at risk for injuries. Perhaps you have low back pain from all the snow shoveling or maybe you’re feeling unsteady on your feet. Live Your Life Physical Therapy offers many different wellness programs to help you live a pain-free lifestyle.

Live Your Life Physical Therapy will provide you with manual therapy and an exercise program that is created for your specific needs; whether they are to simply get healthier, build strength, or recover from an injury or surgery. Call us to schedule your 60 minute one-on-one private physical therapy session to provide functional exercises that ensure you are performing tasks with the proper movement and technique needed to avoid pain or even possible injury. Don’t spend tons of money joining a gym that you’re only going to go to a few times, feel completely out of place, and risk injury by attacking machines and classes that may not address your specific needs and goals. Instead, utilize our expert knowledge about the body to train you how to move safely and without injury. Our expertise can truly make the difference when it comes to not only positive results with exercising and manual therapy, but when it comes to compliance and maintaining the program. You can easily injure yourself without proper technique and form. Why worry about getting to the gym when we can bring the workout to you AND make sure you avoid injuring yourself? Not to worry, if you already joined the gym we are happy to accompany you and develop a customized wellness program to help you live healthier.

Call us to help you make any of your New Year’s Resolutions achievable & safe:

  • Exercise: Learn the Fundamentals of Exercise (with a highly skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist)


  • Live Pain Free in 2014 (by allowing us to target weakened areas and imbalances)
  •  Find Relief for Your Low Back Pain
  • Reduce Your Risk of Falling/Feel Sturdier on Your Feet with our Live Your Life FALL FREE program


  • Recover from Your Recent Surgery & Get Healthier Faster with in home physical therapy & our Live Your Life READY FOR SURGERY program


  • Feel More Confident Behind the Wheel of Your Car as a Senior Driver with our Live Your Life DRIVING SAFELY program
  • Learn Good Body Mechanics & Gain Strength to Avoid Injury (including shoveling heavy snow) through our Live Your Life TALL & STRONG program
  •  Age Actively & Safely As You Exercise/Move in Your Own Home (with our therapists coming to you)


You deserve to make 2014 the year you keep your New Year’s Resolution and we’re here to help!

Dedicated to Keeping You Healthy & Active,

Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Live Physical Therapy, LLC






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