Physical Therapy for the Prevention of Strokes & Heart Attacks

| Dr. Eva Norman

The last in our series for Heart Health Month focuses on utilizing physical therapy as a means for prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Taking a therapeutic strategy as a preventative means to a healthier heart is not only going to allow you the most effective way to take charge of your health; but, it will also mean that you get expert one-on-one advice from highly skilled physical therapists.

Heart HealthyOverall wellness is immediately associated with exercise and heart health is especially associated with physical activity and exercise. For those in the Twin Cities area you have an amazing alternative to simply joining a gym and hoping that you stay motivated. Many Minnesotans have Live Your Life Physical Therapy, a group of physical therapists that actually come to you. Having the therapist come to you not only helps with compliance and motivation but offers an alternative to the fear of gyms and those costly gym memberships that end up being paid month after month without you ever stepping foot into the facility again. We can actually inspire you to use that gym membership by meeting you THERE if that is where you would prefer us to treat you. As a matter of fact, we will meet you wherever you exercise or want to exercise. Your personal Live Your Life Physical Therapist will come to you for a one-on-one 60 minute session to address your specific needs. We will treat teenagers, adults, and older adults; putting the focus on getting you into an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle does NOT mean having to jump around non-stop, bend, run, and over exert yourself. An active lifestyle means a lifestyle that incorporates movement that YOU can do. One call brings us to YOU to assess your needs and abilities so we can create a plan for you. Call Live Your Life Physical Therapy to become active and heart healthy.

Why Choose Live Your Life Physical Therapy?

We are trained to properly deal with a long list of injuries, conditions and events, such as a stroke and heart attack. By seeking our expert guidance, you can find ways to make life more manageable and speed up healing if you have an injury. Creating a healthier body and active lifestyle can help you avoid injuries and of course be the first step in getting heart healthy! Contact us, your physical therapy providers for a personally supervised, heart healthy exercise plan today.  An individualized exercise program is the key for people of all ages, as each program is custom-designed for your needs. In fact, those age 65 and over may greatly benefit from a physical therapy regime to learn a safe, healthy range in which they can exercise for a healthier heart.

As physical therapists, we look at your medical history and physical abilities before developing your individualized safe and effective exercise program, including stretching, functional exercises and low-intensity aerobics. Lower your risk of a stroke or heart attack by calling us today. We truly want you to LIVE YOUR LIFE healthy & active!


Dedicated to Keeping You Healthy & Active,

Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Live Physical Therapy, LLC



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