Joint and Bone Health

| Dr. Eva Norman

Joint and Bone HealthThis week is National Bone and Joint Health Awareness Week. Live Your Life Physical Therapy wants you to be informed for good health.

Bone Facts

  • According to the S. Bone & Joint Initiative 1 in 2 American adults are hindered by a musculoskeletal disorder that affects mobility, functioning, and quality of life.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can include osteoporosis, back pain, fractures, sports traumas, arthritis, neck pain and many other degenerative and inflammatory diseases.
  • MSDs can pose significant safety issues at any age, causing balance issues, chronic pain, and significant problems with normal, everyday movements; forcing life adjustments to compensate.
  • We are born with 300 bones which eventually fuse together, creating 206 bones in the adult body; reaching maximum density by age 30.
  • Bones normally wear down and over the course of approximately 7 years we literally re-grow the bone, essentially creating a whole new bone. Musculoskeletal disorders increases wear of joints and bones.

Bone and Joint Health

It’s important to be proactive; help improve your bone and joint health by:

  • Diagnosis & Treatment – If you are suffering from bone or joint pain (back pain, neck pain, etc.) seek professional treatment. Don’t suffer with the pain; the sooner treatments begin the better the results.
  • Improve Balance & Gait – Overcompensating with the way you walk, move, and sit can increase pain and injury; causing balance and/or gait issues. Targeting the source of why you’re overcompensating and resolving the problem can help reduce wear and tear on bones/joints and decrease pain.
  • Diet –There are varieties of food that can decrease inflammation and help fortify bones and joints. A dietician can help you determine what changes can be made in your diet so that you are eating to encourage natural healing and pain relief.
  • Increased Activity –Movement helps promote relief from the pain and encourages the body to heal naturally. Choosing the right type of exercise and techniques can help improve your bone and joint health without risking injury.

Taking care of the source of your pain is important. Focusing on the specific cause of the MSD is the best way to address bone and joint health. Live Your Life Physical Therapy provides a wide array of options to help keep your bones and joints healthy while helping you decrease your pain naturally.

LYLPT wants you to Live Your Life with HEALTHY BONES AND JOINTS.

Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC


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