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Seasonal Snow Shoveling

| Dr. Eva Norman

With winter in full stride, the snow is falling and frigid temperatures are here to stay throughout this season.  Did you know that many winter back injuries are due to shoveling Snow?  Snow shoveling can cause muscle strain to your back and shoulders. At Live Your Life, we want you to take good care of yourself this winter! Below are safety tips for when you are out shoveling…

Snow Shoveling Tips:

  • Use a lightweight shovel
  • Push snow side to side in place of lifting and throwing snow when possible
  • Only lift what you can safely handle; as far as the amount of snow on your shovel
  • Take breaks frequently
  • Stay warm and dry
  • Bend from your knees and hip when lifting the shovel

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Don’t forget about your hands and feet! Always wear proper shoes/boots with good traction to avoid slipping when out shoveling.  Keep your body well covered to avoid hypothermia with the wintery cold temperatures.

Wellness Physical Therapy can help you prevent injuries through proper movements to build strength, balance and flexibility.  Live your Life safely this winter!

Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your LifeTM

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