How Dietitians Can Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar

| Ben Mohr

One of the biggest struggles many people face when diagnosed with diabetes is maintaining healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day. Diabetes affects the way that your body uses insulin resulting in elevated glucose levels.  Having chronic hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar can result in a number of complications, such as neuropathy leading towards damage to your feet and the need for amputations. High blood sugar also affects your eyes causing retinopathy which can eventually result in complete loss of sight. Plaque buildup can occur around your heart increasing the risks of a heart attack or a stroke.  Chronic hyperglycemia is also the leading cause of kidney failure and needing dialysis.

To manage blood sugar levels, first, we must look at what you are eating, because finding the balance to prevent low and high blood sugar levels can be very tricky. Many times, counting how many carbs you have at each meal can help regulate blood sugar. Counting carbs sounds like an easy way to control your blood sugar, but it’s not that simple.  You have to take into consideration the type of carbs you’re eating as well as what you are eating with it.

This is where a Registered Dietitian comes in.  Dietitians have special training allowing them to develop personalized food plans to manage your blood sugar with medical nutrition therapy.  This includes counseling people on how different foods affect your blood sugar and developing the right individualized plan for each person. Dietitians can provide nutrition education to teach patients proper portions sizes and how to count their carbs for better glucose control.

With the right diet plan, regular exercise and taking your prescription medications as prescribed will help keep your blood sugar in a healthy target range. If you have any questions on how to lower your blood sugar or manage your diabetes better, set up an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.  

There are many benefits of using a dietitian to help you achieve your health goals.  Contact us today to schedule an evaluation. Visit our website to learn more!

Ben Mohr RD,LD,CD
Registered DietitianDirector of Marketing
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Ben has been a Registered Dietitian since 2016. Ben’s passion for nutrition started at a young age as he tried to understand how the foods that he was putting into his body was affecting what he would perform in high school athletics. He would slowly research food on his own to better know what to eat. Entering college, he took a class on general nutrition. At this same time, his father was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and had a very difficult time with his nutrition. This is when his father started meeting with a Registered Dietitian. Ben was able to see the impact that proper nutrition had on his father’s health. To this day Ben believes if it wasn’t for proper nutrition his father would not be with us today.

During college, Ben was able to take what he was learning about food and apply it to his everyday life as he was competing on the University Track and Field team as a pole vaulter. In his free time, he still enjoys coaching pole vault and staying active through weightlifting, biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.

Ben’s passion for health and wellness has brought him many opportunities to work with a diverse group of people from high school and Division 1 athletes to the geriatric population. Since 2016 Ben has been able to help numerous people control their blood sugar and have helped over 100 people with weight loss. He also has experience in heart health, chronic kidney disease, tube feeding, IBS, and malnutrition

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