Have a Sun Safe Fall!

| Karen Massoglia

Fall is such a beautiful season ~ for many people it’s their favorite one of the year! Not only is it beautiful with the leaves on the trees changing, but there are also significant health benefits. Studies show sleep is better this time of year, with daylight savings time, and the cooler temperatures. It’s a great time to get outdoors and move, without the risk of heatstroke.

Please keep in mind that it is also unfortunately common for people to stop thinking about their sun exposure. We can become less diligent in protecting ourselves and our children from skin damage like wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, and skin cancer as the temperatures cool down.

For the best ways to protect your skin’s DNA from damage due to sun exposure, consider the following tips:

1. Avoid direct sunlight when the UV rays are their strongest, between 10 AM and 4 PM.

2. Sit in shaded areas whenever possible.

3. Wear sunglasses with UV protection and a wide-brimmed hat to protect eyes, scalp, face, and neck. Visors do not provide the kind of sunscreen coverage that hats have. If you don’t have a hat with you, use sunscreen on your ears if they remain uncovered. Your ear’s skin is at high risk for skin cancer in part because we often neglect to put sunscreen on them.

4. Wear sun-protective clothing. Some sun clothing manufacturers list the UPF ~ Ultraviolet Protection Factor. UPF rates the amount of both UVA and UVB rays that are blocked by the fabric. Generally, it has a factor of 15 – 50. No clothing with a UPF of less than 15 can be labeled “sun-protective.” Look for the hangtag, and if there is one you can be confident it has been tested in a way regulated by the FTC that is proven to have effective ultraviolet protection.

5. Use a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, and with a high SPF. To avoid unwanted chemicals, many people choose the natural metals zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These naturally occurring minerals have been used for thousands of years for skin issues, and they are accepted as non-toxic. They do not allow the sun rays to penetrate and are therefore called block sunscreens. They do not allow the sun’s rays to penetrate the skin. There are many companies that now make a tinted option with one of these minerals so that the “white lifeguard nose” appearance isn’t required to take advantage of the many health benefits of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

6. Be extra diligent around water, snow and higher elevation. The sun reflects off water and snow and UV rays are stronger at a higher elevation.

7. Sunscreens that are Water-resistant only allow for slightly longer times between reapplications. Water will dilute any sunscreen and toweling off will remove most if not all your sunscreen. It is important to reapply every two hours, and more frequently if you are in water or sweating.

Karen Massoglia, COPE Certified Health Coach
As a clinic director working in preventative health care for 22 years, Karen is aware of obesity and overweight contributing to an increased risk of many diseases, inflammatory conditions, and even many forms of cancer. Many patients were struggling. And she counseled them on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until 7 years ago that she had the tools for getting predictable results in assisting clients to get weight off fast and safely. She began offering Optimal Health in the clinics, and the results were astounding. She has impacted over 3900 people in transforming their lives first by getting down to their optimal weight. Instead of reacting to disease, she is committed to people creating optimal health, one healthy habit at a time. You can contact Karen by calling her at 612-567-9161, or emailing her at karen@ushealthcoaches.com.

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