Don’t Keep Injury Secrets!

| Dr. Eva Norman

Physical therapists are experts in dealing with injuries, but your physical therapist can’t help if they don’t know about your injury!

You might be wondering who would keep an injury secret. The answer is – lots of people! The first person that comes to your mind might be an athlete, like a football player, or maybe a baseball pitcher. But athletes aren’t the only ones that keep injury secrets. Performers like dancers keep injury secrets, workers in all types of jobs, and older adults living alone.

Why would anyone want to keep their injury secret instead of getting treated to allow the healing process to start?


Although there have been big improvements in the culture surrounding sports, performing arts, worker’s comp, and getting older some people still have the “no pain, no gain” attitude. To some people, reporting an injury is an act of weakness or a way of letting the someone down. There can also be external pressure from coaches, parents, teammates, supervisors, or loved ones to keep playing or working.


With the focus on head injuries in recent years, athletes that get hit in the head know if they report concussion symptoms, they’re coming out of the game. Workers who get hurt on the job fear loss of pay, or even their job. Performers who get hurt might fear that their replacement will outshine them on the stage and take their place. Older adults may fear having to leave their homes and lose their independence.


While the first two reasons can apply to athletes, performers, workers and most any other group that might be hiding an injury, this one is limited to athletes. If an opposing team knows a player is injured, and what the injury is, they might be able to take advantage of it. For example, if a football team has a running quarterback with an ankle injury, it will change how the opposing defense plays. These reasons all make some sense, but they’re also all shortsighted. Finishing a game, dancing tomorrow night, working one more shift, or risking another fall are never worth your long-term health. Hiding a minor injury can turn it into a major one. It’s never weak to report an injury and you’re not letting your teammates, coworkers, or family down. If you’re not up to your best, you owe it to the people counting on you to let them know. If you’re injured, don’t hide it! Let the right people know, then go to the right person for help – your physical therapist!

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