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Have you thought about having an annual PT exam? We’re biased, but we think you should. You see your optometrist and dentist regularly because your eyes and teeth are important. You get an annual physical from your family physician. You might even be getting ready to see your accountant for your yearly taxes.

But what about the rest of your body? Have you lost range of motion or strength? How’s your balance and coordination? These all affect how you move. You might not notice small changes in how you move until you have problems like trouble lifting a heavy object, joint pain, or a sprained ankle from a stumble. An annual PT exam can catch problems early, then correct them before they lead to something bigger.

What to Expect

An annual PT exam is quick and easy. Your annual visit may include:

  • A history of your general health and any previous injuries
  • Assessment of your strength, balance, flexibility, etc.
  • A review and update of your movement goals (Do you live independently in your home? Do you get on and off the floor easily when playing with your grandkids?)
  • A review and update of your exercise program

 How Important is Moving Well?

There is strong evidence suggesting that movement is a valuable predictor of future health and resilience against disease. Moving well can keep you healthier and help you live longer. Here are some examples of the power of movement when it comes to predicting future health:

  • Gait Speed
    • Gait Speed is how fast you walk. Studies have shown that if your typical walking speed is over 1 m/s or 3.3 ft/s, then it’s likely you are able to complete typical daily activities independently. You’re also less likely to be hospitalized and less likely to have adverse events like falls.
  • Get On and Off the Floor
    • A series of studies suggest that if you can go from standing to sitting on the floor and back to standing without using your hands, you’re a lot less likely to die than someone who can’t. It’s called the Sitting-Rising Test .
    • Notice that both gait speed and the Sitting-Rising Test aren’t specific to any one thing. The risk of hospitalization in the gait speed studies was hospitalization for any reason. Death in the Sitting-Rising studies was death from anything. Science says that moving well is incredibly important to your overall health and quality of life. We think moving well is just as important as your teeth, eyes, and taxes. If you agree, contact Live Your Life to get that annual PT exam scheduled today!


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