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Physical therapy has lots of benefits for active people. Athletes, performers, weekend warriors, and people who work in physically demanding jobs can all benefit from the expertise of a physical therapist. Here are 3 ways physical therapists help active people stay that way.

  1. Injury Treatment: Active people get hurt. Physical therapists have the knowledge and skills to help people recover from injuries faster. In addition to helping people recover, physical therapists will look for the root cause of the injury and address impairments that prevent injury from returning. If the injury is severe and requires surgery, a physical therapist will guide the post-operative recovery and ensure the person returns to their activity. In some cases, a physical therapist can help an injured person avoid surgery in the first place with conservative management. 
  2. Injury Prevention: Surgery is not the only thing physical therapists can help people avoid. A physical therapist can also help with injury prevention too. A thorough assessment of an individual’s strength, mobility, balance, and coordination help to identify issues that could lead to injury. A physical therapist can then design a program to improve the problem areas before they lead to injury. A physical therapist can also assess an existing exercise plan and help to identify areas that may lead to sprains, strains, or overtraining. 
  3. Improve Performance: In addition to helping people improve areas where they’re weak, therapists can help people get better in areas of strength. A physical therapist can create a program to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and speed. Physical therapists are movement experts. They can break down the requirements of a specific physical task like lifting or throwing, then design an exercise program that will help people meet those demands. 

Physical Therapy is more than just a way to get back on your feet after an injury – it can also help you stay at the top of your game. Whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, or someone who wants to stay in shape, physical therapy can help you reach your performance goals. With the right exercises and treatments, physical therapists can help you improve strength, flexibility, and endurance so that you can perform at your best and lower your risk of injury. If you are looking to reach your maximum potential, contact us for a free consultation.


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