5 Ways A Personal Trainer Can Help You This New Year

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According to a Forbes Health/OnePoll survey, 48% of respondents indicated that improved fitness will be their 2024 new year resolution.1 One of the biggest hurdles to making lifestyle changes and accomplishing new year resolutions is lack of knowledge and guidance to know where to get started. Starting your fitness journey may require you to enter new territory that may be uncomfortable or scary. Finding a personal trainer that is right for you is a good first step in the right direction. Here are 5 ways a person trainer can help you this new year:

  1. Provide Education: Personal trainers are knowledgeable about creating exercise programs designed to meet your needs, teaching you how to use equipment, and instructing you on proper form. This will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in establishing an exercise routine. 
  2. Assist with Goal Setting: Creating and accomplishing large fitness goals can be a daunting task. However, personal trainers can use their expertise to help you design short and long-term goals to achieve your desired fitness level. 
  3. Keep You Accountable: Personal trainers can keep you accountable in maintaining your exercise program. Often when we become busy in life or tired then exercise is the first thing to be cut from the day. Scheduling appointments and setting a plan with another person will help keep you responsible and on track to achieve your goals.
  4. Create a Customized Program to Meet Your Individualized Needs: Finding the right exercises to meet your needs are key. Determining the type of exercise and number of repetitions and sets will all vary based on your goals and current fitness level. Based on the personal trainer’s initial assessment they will design a customized exercise program. 
  5. Encourage Exercise Variety: Personal trainers have a large toolbox of exercises that will keep your routine fresh and exciting. Most importantly new exercises will continue to challenge our bodies in new ways further improving our fitness level.

Live Your Life offers personal training services at our Minnesota locations with unique advantages in comparison to other programs. First, we come to you! Our personal trainers come to the time and location that is most convenient and comfortable for you including your home, community center, pool, or assisted living facility. Second, all our programs are individualized to meet your needs and are supervised by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. If you are looking to transition away from physical therapy services, then personal training can be a more appropriate option to keep up a customized exercise regimen. Contact us today to request a session! 


1Davis S. New Year’s Resolutions Statistics 2023. Forbes Health. Published January 11, 2023. https://www.forbes.com/health/mind/new-years-resolutions-statistics/

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