Take a Stand to Prevent Falls

| Dr. Eva Norman

Falls_Free_and_BalanceEach year the National Council on Aging (NCOA) celebrates the first day of fall as a reminder of how important it is to live life Falls Free. Live Your Life Physical Therapy offers a Fall Free Program, along with Balance Programs to help you live your life Fall Free!

6 Tips for Living Life Falls Free

In conjunction with the NCOA, below are steps to prevent a fall:

  1. Yearly Vision & Hearing Checkups – Get your hearing and vision checked yearly. Good vision and hearing help you be aware of your surroundings; to reduce the risk of falling.
  2. Ask your Health Care Provider for an Assessment – Have a professional complete a fall risk assessment to determine if you are at risk for falls. LYLPT provides ongoing Fall Risk Assessments throughout the Twin Cities metro. Contact us for the closest one near you.
  3. Sign up for a Balance and Exercise Program – It’s important to work on your balance, strength, and Tai Chi helps reduce fallsflexibility so you can remain falls free. Call LYLPT for information about exercise programs such as Tai Chi that we offer in the Twin Cities area.
  4. Review Medications – Discuss your medications regularly with your physician and/or pharmacist to see if anything you are taking could result in balance issues from medication side effects.
  5. Talk to your Family about Past Falls – Discuss any trips or falls you have had with your healthcare provider and your family. Ask for their support and help.
  6. In-Home Safety – As part of an assessment, physical therapists can help you determine anything at home that can increase your risk of falls. Stairways should be kept free of clutter. Throw rugs can also increase the risks for falling. Make your home a safer place. Take a look at our home safety checklist to help you Live Your Life FALL FREE.

We approach the risk of falls by finding the core problem(s) putting you at risk for falling, through utilizing evidence based, proven techniques.

Live Your Life Physical Therapy can help you Live Your Life FALL FREE.


Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC

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