Healthy Tips for Easter

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Happy Easter! We are providing 5 tips to make this candy-filled holiday a healthier one for you and your family.

1. Stay active: Avoid sitting at the table with all the temptations in front of you. Plan a walk or run after church or create an egg hunt in your backyard to help promote more physical activity throughout the day.

2. Keep your Easter baskets healthy: Consider non-food items such as bubbles, outdoor chalk, travel-sized games, jump-rope, baseball and other items that can promote movement, and no temptation to eat junk food. Consider healthy food items such as a snack-sized bag of nuts or seeds, fresh fruit, and fruit juice boxes to name a few.

3. Aim for quality, not quantity: Avoid cheap candy, and instead buy a small amount of higher quality candy such as dark chocolate, Peanut M&M’s ®, York Peppermint Patties or organic jelly beans. Less is more!

4. Limit your candy: We don’t recommend you completely eliminate your sweets during this candy-filled holiday, but instead to set a limit on how much you eat. Set a limit on the number of pieces you’ll have that day. If you are struggling on this, announce it to the family or tell one of your closest loved ones to help you stay accountable.

5. Remember it’s not all about candy: Easter is a time to celebrate and be with family and friends; it’s not all about the Easter baskets and goodies. Focus on family time and enjoy one another!

If you want to learn ways to live healthier, contact us to schedule a free consultation. At Live Your Life we want you to Live Your EASTER HEALTHIER & HAPPIER!

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