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About Our Mobile Health and Wellness Services

Our Mission

Our mission is bringing innovative wellness, fitness, rehabilitative, and preventative services to everyone's journey towards maximized well-being while exceeding expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to optimize health by transforming lifestyles.

Our Core Values

We demonstrate honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity while being fair and ethical even in the most difficult situations.

Trust begins with our staff, and it depends on the reciprocal reliance, partnerships, and successes we share with our clients/patients


It is a privilege and an honor to treat and serve everyone whose lives we touch


Our goal is to work at the top of our license and maximize your potential while exceeding your expectations


We provide a caring environment for our clients, patients, and one another


We are responsible for how we manage and utilize our resources and take any opportunity we can as a company to give back to the communities we serve.

Associations and Affiliations

APTA American Physical Therapy Association APTA Home Health PTPAC
Choose PT Academy of Neurological Physical Therapy Foundation for Physical Therapy Research
APTA Minnesota APTA Physical Therapy
APTA Geriatrics APTA Academy of Leadership & Innovation

What makes us different? Our care comes to you!

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We Are A Comprehensive Mobile Company Focused on Wellness, Fitness, Rehabilitation, and Prevention

We specialize in transforming the lives of seniors, adults and teenagers with a wide array of diagnoses and conditions in their home or location of choice. You deserve to be your best self through good health and wellness. We would love to have the privilege to work with you or a loved one.

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I'm Here Because...

  • I want to eliminate my pain
  • I'm afraid of falling
  • I want to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Difficulty working out, playing sports, performing yoga, etc.
  • I want to stay in my home and maintain my independence
  • Second thoughts about starting an exercise program.
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