Holiday Self-Care

| Rachel Wieneke

The holiday season is in full swing. We all find ourselves caught up in the hustle of the season searching for the right gifts, making sure our cookies are done for the upcoming party, and digging out the decorations to dazzle our homes. That overwhelming feeling of “doing all the things”, in addition to living everyday life, can be overwhelming and stressful. According to a recent poll, 80% of us find ourselves ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ stressed during the holiday season, a season that is meant to be filled merry and bright.1

While there are many reasons this stress can occur during this busy time of year, having a self-care practice can help tackle some of that unneeded stress. Psych Central mentions a list of ideas to help with holiday stress and burn out, as well as specific symptoms to look for. When it comes to self-care, the following is recommended:2

  • Start with gratitude. Instead of thinking of all the things you “have” to do, flip that around and be grateful for all you get to do. Instead of complaining about your upcoming work party, be grateful for the job you have. Be grateful for the time spent with your healthy loved ones instead of dreading the upcoming get together.
  • Just say no. We all get the sense to take on more than we need to this time of year. However, it’s okay say no sometimes.
  • Get restful exercise. Take time away to get outside and go for a walk, without your phone or earbuds, to clear your mind. Take a restorative yoga class with meditation and focus on your breathing.
  • Pay attention to nutrition. This time of year, in particular, it’s easy to consume an increase in sugar and calories simply because of ease of access at the holiday party or event. However, making healthy choices. Go for the extra portion of vegetables instead of mashed potatoes or grab a piece of fruit instead of the cookie. You may even consider eating a small snack before attending an event to avoid overdoing it on the sugar cookies.
    It is easy to get caught up in the holiday season and it can be overwhelming. Having a self-care practice in place will help you manage your stress so that you can enjoy all this holiday season has to offer.


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