Have You Asked a Loved One What They Want for Christmas?

| Karen Massoglia

Sometimes it’s challenging to think of the gift that someone would really like. For the holidays, there may not be any specific thing that they really want other than to be with us which is the most precious gift of all.

Giving the gift of health could be the best gift you can give a loved one.

It tells them how important they are to you. You’re telling them you want to spend time with them, you want to be able to be with them doing things that matter to you, it may also say I love you and I want you to be healthy and happy.

You’re giving them peace of mind. Keep in mind that one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones is to take care of your OWN health. To be able to do the things that matter to them and have the energy to do that to be able to go to the park with your kids or your grandchildren for your spouse to have peace of mind about your health. Knowing you (or they) will live a longer healthier life. There are so many ways you can give this gift to yourself or your loved one.

Here’s a few categories of ways to do that:

1) Healthy Nutrition/Eating, Weight Loss: A nutrition plan to accomplish health goals, whether that be getting off medications, or getting to a healthy weight. Maybe nutritional supplements, tea diffuser, a vita-mix type blender to make eating veggies convenient and easy, a fermented food make for healthy gut health, vegetable spiralizer for healthy noodles, and consultation with a health coach.

2) A gift that supports physical activity. Physical therapy sessions, personal training sessions, pedometer, a standing or treadmill desk, a yoga mat, a workout outfit, hiking boots/socks, and sport equipment.

3) A gift that supports stress management/reduction: spa gift certificate, a massage, a massage roller or other massage tool, essential oils, a vacation to relax, a getaway at an Airbnb, or a retreat.

4) A gift that supports connecting with loved ones: preferably, a combination of physical activity and connecting with loved ones, like a fun activity such as, ski diving, meal at a healthy restaurant, or time away together.

Other gifts of health could include a healthy mind, healthy finances, a healthy community, and a healthy spiritual life. My wish is you enjoy this season and a wonderful healthy 2020 for you and your loved ones.

Karen Massoglia, COPE Certified Health Coach
As a clinic director working in preventative health care for 22 years, Karen is aware of obesity and overweight contributing to an increased risk of many diseases, inflammatory conditions, and even many forms of cancer. Many patients were struggling. And she counseled them on the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until 7 years ago that she had the tools for getting predictable results in assisting clients to get weight off fast and safely. She began offering Optimal Health in the clinics, and the results were astounding. She has impacted over 3900 people in transforming their lives first by getting down to their optimal weight. Instead of reacting to disease, she is committed to people creating optimal health, one healthy habit at a time. You can contact Karen by calling her at 612-567-9161, or emailing her at karen@ushealthcoaches.com.

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