Making The Most of New Year’s Resolutions

| Sarah Johnson MS, RD, CFP

New Year’s Resolutions, easy to make, unfortunately also easy to break. 

A top reason why most people give up on their resolutions, is that they are treating what should be a marathon, like a sprint.  Here are a few simple steps to make 2022 the year your resolutions become just a way of life. 

First, set small, realistic goals.

Resolutions are set with good intentions- and while the enthusiasm for better health is inspiring, with over 80% of us dropping our resolutions by mid-February1, we need to remember that slow and steady really does win the race. Small goals are better than failed goals.

So, what do successful goals look like?  They are small and measurable.  Let’s look at some examples:

 -Failed Resolution: I want to lose 25lbs

 –Realistic Resolution: I will lose 5lbs by the end of February

-Failed Resolution: I am going to start a new diet New Years Day.

Realistic Resolution: I will add a vegetable to every dinner.

-Failed Resolution: I will drink 60oz of water every day

-Realistic Resolution: I will fill a water bottle in the AM, and I will finish it by the end of the day.

Focus on the positive

When it comes to making changes to our diet, it can be easy to feel deprived, which is never a recipe for success.  Rather than focusing on cutting out “bad” foods, instead focus on the positive like: “I feel better when I eat better,” or “My skin is better when I drink more water.”  This simple shift in focus helps us stick to our goals, and more importantly, helps us feel less deprived. 

And finally, add in some accountability 

As in most cases, we are stronger together.  Studies show that those who have accountability, are more than twice as likely to achieve success, so don’t keep that resolution a secret.2 Tell a partner, a friend, or join an online support group.  Not only will your accountability partner keep you focused on your goals, but they will also be there for validation when you achieve your goals, and validation is a powerful force that gives us fuel to keep on going. 

So go ahead- set those goals, but don’t keep them to yourself.  And remember to never underestimate the power of small, consistent changes.

Sarah Johnson MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian with a strong passion for helping people discover the healing power of food.

Today’s world offers more nutrition information at our fingertips than ever before. However, when it comes to nutrition, there is no one size fits all solution leading many to feel exhausted by years of “trial & error”. Sarah’s mission is to help people weed through the noise and to educate and empower them on simple ways food can help them regain their energy for life. She believes your body was designed to work well; you simply need the tools to get it back on track.

Sarah graduated from the College of St. Benedict with a B.A. in Dietetics and went on to receive an M.S. in Human Nutritional Science from the University of Wisconsin Stout where she focused on using nutrition to help those living with multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases.

Sarah lives in Mahtomedi with her husband and 3 children and loves the access to nature Minnesota living provides all year round.


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