Why Our Physical Therapists Love Physical Therapy!

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Dr. Eva Norman: “Thanks to physical therapy I got another chance at life. Thanks to physical therapy, I have no deficits after a life altering accident. Thanks to physical therapy, Live Your Life Physical Therapy was born! Love, Love, Love Physical Therapy!”

Dr. Ariel Cole:
“Why I love Physical Therapy
Teaching science and sharing my craft.
Healing the body through multiple paths and diversifying treatments.
Educating clients on how to aid their bodies to improve, decrease pain, and decrease risk of injury.
Relationships I am entrusted and able to develop with wonderful people.
Abilities, each person has unique characteristics and I love to develop a program that fits the individual.
Peace of mind, I love to share gain, hopes, and work towards body and life goals of each client.
Yearning to learn, grow and develop new skills and knowledge to aid all of my clients.”

Dr. Christina Apfelbaum: “I love PT for numerous reasons! It gives people the opportunity to return to doing the things they love. It often decreases their pain, increases their strength, and improves the quality of their life. It’s not the easy way out. It requires hard work but is well worth it!”

Dr. Kristen Reed: “I love being able to create relationships with patients & their families. It is also amazing to be able to see patients reach their personal goals and make significant improvements that improve their daily activities.”

Dr. Lindsey Newman: “I love Physical Therapy because I LOVE helping my patients and clients achieve their goals and resume the activities that bring them joy. I love being a piece of the puzzle that helps someone have less pain and get to be more involved with their family and community. Physical therapy not only makes people feel and function better but it can also give someone their life back.”  

Dr. Sarah Petrich: “I love the process of figuring out how to give each individual a new, novel and enjoyable sense of how their bodies move and witnessing how these new movement experiences can transform people’s lives.”

Alana Howey: “I love physical therapy because I get a chance to spend time with people, one on one, to work with on things that are critical for maintaining quality of life for individuals. I like working to solve problems of mobility using manual skills, education, and exercise. I appreciate getting to know the many clients personally, laughing, and learning from their lived wisdom. I love being on a team of like-minded professionals to share and learn from.”

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