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Celebrate World Physical Therapy Day

  World Physical Therapy Day is celebrated on September 8th every year. Each year there is a new “theme” for the day of celebration; with the focus being on how physical therapy changes your life. This year the theme is …

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Osteoporosis Awareness Month

May is National Osteoporosis Month. To bring light to Osteoporosis and how Live Your Life Physical Therapy can help you “Break Free” we have focused this month on bringing you information regarding how to Live Your Life TALL & STRONG …

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Injury Prevention Tips for Cyclists & Weekend Warriors

Happy Bike Month! Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC would like to welcome our guest blogger, Ryan Buus, SPT. Being an avid cyclist and Doctor of Physical Therapy student from the Mayo Clinic, he has wonderful injury prevention tips for …

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Oh Those Beautiful, Healthy Bones!

Osteoporosis – Stand Tall with Physical Therapy As we celebrate Halloween today, I can’t help but think about bones. Having healthy bones is important to your overall health.  Bones have many functions in the body. Protecting organs, providing structure, storing …

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