Being Nutritious

How Easy Is Being Nutritious?

| Dr. Eva Norman

So how easy is being nutritious? The NCOA says it’s as easy as these 6 tips they offer!

March is National Nutrition Month.

Most of us know what healthy eating is all about. However, there seem to be some common factors that make it difficult for most people to be nutritious as a regular lifestyle.

Common Excuses For Not Eating Healthy

Busy Schedule

  • Prepare lunches – this can not only help financially but nutritionally. Preparing your own lunch also provides the ability to control what you are eating by using health choices; making them the night before helps everyone grab and go in the morning.
  • Quick Prep & Cook Dinners – there are a multitude of 5 or less ingredients and under 30 minute dinner recipes on the internet & in cookbooks readily available.
  • Have Dinners Brought to you – local businesses offer healthy, prepared meals to your door. The Bonicelli Cooking Club offers healthy meals to your door as do other local businesses such as Let’s Dish who offers meals from your freezer to table in 30 minutes. These are just a few places we found online to provide complete meals at various prices.

Comfort Foods

  • Learn Healthy Replacements – the best way to deal with your love of comfort foods is learning how to prepare healthier versions. This NCOA video shows you how to prepare comfort foods or replace unhealthy ingredients with healthier options.
  • Limit & Portion Control – nobody wants to go through life with never eating a comfort food again; so limit the number of times you eat your favorite comfort foods and also use portion control to ensure you’re not “over-enjoying” an unhealthy option.

Not Knowing Enough About Preparing/Eating Healthy

  • Take Classes – there are local organizations and online healthy lifestyle courses and cooking classes that can help you learn how to buy the right foods, prepare them and enjoy them with minimal work.
  • One on One Training – enjoy one on one time with a professional chef or dietitian so you can ask questions specific to your needs. This is especially helpful for those who have particular dietary needs (cholesterol, low sodium, diabetic, etc.).

Nutrition Tips

Don’t forget LYLPT offers nutritional services and personal training so you can Live Your Life HEALTHY & NUTRITIOUS!


Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC


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