Nutrition Impacts Health

| Dr. Eva Norman

Nutrition impacts health

Types of Diseases Affected by Nutrition

The body uses nutrition to build on overall health. It’s time to think about what you are putting in your body. Diet and exercise are the foundations of a healthy body at any age. What you eat can determine if you are at higher risk of certain diseases and illnesses.

  • Type 2 Diabetes –Lower your risk for this disease by incorporating a healthy diet, along with adding exercise into your daily routine.
  • Heart Disease – unhealthy diets often are high in cholesterol building fats. Learning how to eat well, making heart healthy diet changes, and of course exercise are excellent ways to lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Joint Pain – unhealthy eating can cause weight gain. Extra weight will add increased force to most of your joints; your feet, knees, hip, back & more. Losing weight can reduce joint pain and certain foods and spices have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help.
  • Cancer – research confirms that nutrition plays a role in increasing or decreasing our risk of cancer, depending upon the type of diet we choose. A diet high in organic fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins, and fiber can help your body fight against cancer.

Making Dietary Changes to Help Avoid Diseases

Replacements for Unhealthy Choices

  • Sugary Sodas – Replace with infused waters
  • Fats – Use healthy fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, & other healthy oils (Check out Healthy Oils 101)
  • Fruits & Vegetables – Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.
  • Use Fresh Herbs & Spices – Learn how to use seasonings that are good for you to make food taste better
  • Sweets – Create delicious sweets & baked goods using less sugar, butter and oils.

Our dietitian can offer a specialized plan to get your nutrition to work for you! You deserve personalized service that not only helps you with your nutritional needs but your physical needs too. We want you to Live Your Life HEALTHY & STRONG and you can do it at any age!


Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC

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