Making Easter Baskets That Are Healthy & Fun

| Dr. Eva Norman

I’d like to welcome today’s guest blogger Susan Kimmel, CHHC, AADP. Susan is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at Simply Healthy for YOU and knows how to choose Easter treats that are not only healthy but fun too!

What’s going into your child’s Easter Basket?

Healthy Easter Baskets

Easter is right around the corner, parents and grandparents everywhere fill thousands of baskets with gifts and candy for their cute little “bunnies”. The problem is that many of those Easter treats are not so “sweet” when it comes to what’s safe and healthy for children. Some of the most popular brand name candies have ingredients that are toxic, such as artificial colors and flavors, preservatives like TBHQ, partially hydrogenated oils and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Ingredients none of us should be consuming, much less our children.

Read Labels

Yet, how many people read the label on candy before they buy? Not many. We trust that if a product is on a shelf in a store it must be safe, right? WRONG! Chemical additives like those mentioned above are in MANY foods that kids eat/drink everyday (cereals, Mac n’ Cheese, fruit snacks, drink mixes, and even children’s vitamins) and are especially toxic for their growing bodies. Their immune system, which helps to excrete toxic substances, is not developed to the maturity of an adult; so as toxins accumulate the effects can be asthma, chronic allergies, digestive ailments, learning and behavioral difficulties, and even some cancers.

It has been estimated that a child consumes an average of 325 milligrams of synthetic dyes daily, many of which contain lead, mercury and arsenic. Children are increasingly being diagnosed with toxic levels of harmful metals and doctors are finding a correlation with these children having autism, ADD and developmental delays. In studies performed at Yale University’s Department of Pediatric Neurology, baby rats exposed to a mixture of five artificial colors became hyperactive and showed diminished learning ability.*

Does this mean we shouldn’t ever give children sweet treats?

You should limit candy & sweets and, most of all, choose wisely. You can find healthier versions of most of the candies mentioned above at Target®, like UNREAL™ brand “M&M™s” and peanut butter cups, organic jelly beans at Whole Foods®, plus other items at Costco® and Trader Joe’s®. Just remember, when reading labels less is more. Don’t be fooled by the word “natural”, there is nothing natural about some of the chemical ingredients that they’re using.

Alternate Gift Ideas for Easter

Healthy Easter Baskets

Special treats can also be items like fresh organic fruit, raisins, nuts or trail mix. You can reward with stickers, books, crayons, water bottles or toys! Kites get kids outside in the fresh air and sunshine while promoting exercise. Of course, the best gift of all is your time. Give a coupon for a special date with Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa – a gift always treasured.

So get creative this Easter and give your children/grandchildren “treats” that will build them up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Good health is PRICELESS and the “sweetest” most loving gift you can give!

Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy Easter!


Susan Kimmel, CHHC, AADP
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Simply Healthy for YOU



Thank you Susan! We love to promote healthy living at all ages and these Easter gift ideas are a wonderful way for kids to enjoy a little bit of sweetness in a more natural way.

Everyone at Live Your Life Physical Therapy would like to wish you a very happy & healthy Easter. We want you to Live Your Life CELEBRATING!


Dr. Eva Norman
President & Founder
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC



*Excerpts taken from Chemical-Free KIDS: How to Safeguard Your Child’s Diet and Environment, Allan Magaziner, D.O., Linda Bonvie, and Anthony Zolezzi

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