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Are You a Statistic of This Newest Epidemic?

Sleep deprivation. It has become a problem of  ‘epidemic’ proportions in the United States with the CDC reporting numbers of 50-70 billion adults being affected with some type of sleep disorder depriving them of proper sleep. The numbers are alarming …

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Physical Therapy for the Prevention of Strokes & Heart Attacks

Minnesotans have the option of a trained physical therapist actually come to you to help inspire you to becoming active and healthier! It’s a personal trainer with expert knowledge of the body and how it works. Get moving and get heart healthy with Live Your Life Physical Therapy. Reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke by exercising with the guidance of your own personal PT trainer.

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The Importance of Sleep

Many people think that it is completely normal to have a reduction in sleep as we age; however, this is a myth. Sleep is one of the most important ways for your body to recharge and energize. Sleep is actually …

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Recovering From The Holidays

The holidays are over, the New Year has begun and, whether or not you’ve made a resolution to lose weight or get healthier, it’s time to take off those extra holiday pounds & be healthy for 2014! It’s a proven …

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Let Us Help You With Your New Years Resolution

So the new year is here and we all know that one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions made is to be healthier this year; whether it’s by eating healthier or getting more exercise everyone wants to be healthier this …

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