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Are You Suffering From Psoriasis? Let Us Help

I’d like to welcome our Guest Blogger, Jill Thomas. Jill is writing today’s blog for Psoriasis Awareness Month. Jill Thomas is a consultant for Rodan and Fields Dermatology. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects nearly 7.5 million Americans. Out …

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Middle Age Spread, Weight Gain and Muscle Loss As You Age

Everyone has heard about it, middle age spread. But is it inevitable? Is it true that you hit a certain age and it happens no matter what? So is it just a matter of aging that you gain weight, plain …

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Summer Running Injuries – Physical Therapy Can Help

Those who enjoy running for exercise need to aware of what their body is trying to tell them at all times. Listening to your body will tell you when you need to back off or rest because of overuse of …

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Physical Therapy is the Bridge Between Exercise and Osteoporosis

There is no question that exercise is the key to preventing and managing osteoporosis. The earlier you begin exercising regularly, the less likely you will be to suffer from this debilitating disease. Exercise helps build and maintain bone density; hence …

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Signs of Dementia

Dementia is a symptom of various diseases, medical problems, and issues; the most common disease being Alzheimer’s. While many people think that dementia is a disease itself, it is not a disease but a symptom. Unfortunately many people feel that …

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Summer Sundowner’s Syndrome – Physical Therapy May Help

It’s summertime and while many of us are out enjoying the sunny days and nice weather, this isn’t the case for everyone. Those affected with Alzheimer’s can often suffer from something referred to as Sundowners. Sundowners is a condition in …

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