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  • "When I met Eva, I could hardly walk, I was weak and de-conditioned in extreme pain and had developed 1 pressure sore on my tailbone. It was a true life-saving moment when I met her. She helped me turn my whole life around."
    - Amy Johnson – Minnetonka, MN

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    Live Your Life Physical Therapy is dedicated to offering cutting edge physical therapy services to maintain, improve, and restore ease of movement, activity levels, and health.

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Welcome to Live Your Life Physical Therapy, LLC!
Don't let your physical problems hold you back any longer.  It's time to live your life.  We believe your body should be a vehicle that helps you do the things you want and live each day as you please, and that any obstacles interfering with these goals can be overcome.  Our mission is to help you improve in whatever capacity you seek, whether that's walking more confidently, taking your sport or personal fitness to the next level, or at any other point in the middle.  We offer a wide array of services in wellness, fitness, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Each program is designed to evaluate your physical status, identify what needs to be improved upon, and create a personalized program based on your needs and abilities.  Depending on the program and your health plan, our highly skilled team will either come to your home or a destination of your choosing. You will never have to go out of your way for treatment.  We are dedicated to offering exceptional care based on the latest in evidence-based medicine, and strive to keep you out of the hospital and free of injury through your journey to improvement.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you get back to living life.


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